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Mush Assessment Report of the Architectural Cultural Heritage (Anadolu Kültür, EPF)
Armenia, Turkey | Anadolu Kültür
Anadolu Kültür and EPF will initiate the process of scientifically documenting the present condition of monuments comprising the Armenian cultural heritage in Mush region, assessing the risk, and contributing to extending their lifespan.

This will be conducted through a site-visit to Mush in order to assess the current conditions of Armenian monuments in the region. In addition to this, the group of experts will also document the present conditions of buildings and the damage they have suffered as well as architectural drawing programs will be used to digitize the measurements of buildings carrying the risk of collapse or lacking architectural plans. This will greatly contribute towards increasing the attention of local and national authorities, facilitating the advocacy for emergency actions to save the historic structures and provide the related stakeholders with a proper methodology for existing and future restoration projects. The findings and the recommendations will be compiled in the publication of the “Mush Assessment Report of the Architectural Cultural Heritage.”

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