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‘1.5 Track Diplomacy’ Event (EPF)
Armenia, Turkey | Eurasia Partnership Foundation
1.5 Track Diplomacy is a one-day round-table discussion to enhance the programme’s visible policy impact through the engagement of policy-makers in more open policy discussions at the Track 1.5 and Track 2 Diplomacy levels.

It will bring together ex-politicians, diplomats, representatives of humanitarian organizations, high-ranking officials and civil society representatives, journalists and academicians from Armenia, Turkey, and presumably from other countries of the region. The round-table discussion will result in a policy paper that will be disseminated among stakeholders in Armenia and Turkey. It will also establish partnerships among participants at the track 1.5 level.
EPF organized similar Track 1.5 event on “Regional and National Security Dynamics: Armenia-Turkey Relations” in 2017 within ATNP Stage 2. The event resulted in a publication presenting the overview of national security concepts and frameworks of the past 25 years in Armenia, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, as well as Russia, United States of America, European Union, and China with a special focus on Armenia-Turkey relations.

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