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Yavas Gamats
Armenia | Citizens’ Assembly
Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly has been running Yavaş-Gamats since 2014 within the scope of ATNP.

Previous phases of Yavaş-Gamats focused on the summer schools as activities being held during summers one year in Turkey and one year in Armenia with 40 participants (%50 Armenian, %50 Turkish). Participants were mostly from teaching background including teachers, professionals, practitioners and academics.


In this phase of Yavaş-Gamats, activities are mainly based on online portals which is E-Learning Modules. “Inspire Peace” Bilingual E-learning Modules is the main activity.  E-learning modules aim at encouraging and empowering teachers in Armenia and Turkey in facilitating and inspiring democratic, peaceful practices to handle controversial issues and conflicts in the classroom. The content developed during the past summer schools together with additional content from similar adult-education projects that (h)Ca has been running, provides meaningful and much relevant material.


Within ATNP-3 (h)Ca will further develop and upgrade the content of the two of the existing modules by incorporating inputs provided by Armenian experts on the corresponding topics. All existing modules will be translated into the other language to make the written content of the three modules available in both languages as well as in the form of subtitles.


The e-learning medium will ensure a secure way to continue and further expand contact and trust-building between professionals from both countries.


Another planned activity is Summer School (Training of Trainers) for teachers and practitioners of education from Armenia and Turkey (32 participants in total). It has an aim to build mutual trust between communities, improving professional and personal communication skills to nurture mutual understanding and confidence. The content of the program is designed to build participants’ skills as trainers.

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