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Open Call for "Creative Action and Public Intervention Workshop"
Turkey | Anadolu Kültür

Anadolu Kültür invites socially and politically engaged people from Armenia and Turkey to participate in the Creative Action and Public Intervention Workshop that will take place in Istanbul on March 26th-31st, 2015.

The six-day workshop is designed to build a platform for discussing concepts such as activism, political art,  public intervention, creative resistance in the light of current social and political issues in Armenia and Turkey, and sharing experience among the participants. Examples of successful practices will be presented by Turkish, Armenian and European academicians and practitioners. The participants will have the chance to conduct ad-hoc activities, to build teams and work collaboratively on practices according to their areas of interest.


Ever since creative methods were knitted into public intervention, many questions have been asked, debated and discussed. Is creativity a part of political action? Why is political action associated with arts? How do the global movements respond to these questions? How do these terms and actions relate to the commons? What are the different and common practices in various geographies? How can we respond to changing social and political environments? How can one be effective in creating social change?


Creative Action and Public Intervention Workshop will enable the participants from Armenia and Turkey toraise and elaborate such questions and build a basis for possible collaborations and action in the future.


Methodology of the workshop

  • Roundtable discussions on current issues
  • Thematic presentations and experience sharing of participants
  • Analysis of global and regional trends
  • Field trips in Istanbul
  • Collective working sessions in joint action groups
  • Ad-hoc activities of participants’ choice


Who can apply?

People over the age of 18 from Armenia and Turkey, who consider themselves socially and politically engaged and would like to discuss and collaborate with others can apply.  There will be a selection on the basis of applications. Total of 24 participants will be selected to participate in the workshop.

Involvement in civic action and/or affiliation with a civic organization/ initiative/ network/ platform/ collective/etc. in Turkey and Armenia will be a factor of preference in evaluating the applications.

Since the workshop will be held in English, the ability to communicate in English is required, as well as participation for the full duration of the workshop.  



Logistic details

Anadolu Kültür will cover all expenses of participants related to travel, meals, accommodation and visa. Hostel rooms will be provided for the participants coming from outside of Istanbul. There is no participation fee. For those coming from Armenia, the flights on Wednesdays will be arranged. Travelling arrangements should be organised accordingly.

How to apply?

Applications should be submitted in English including the application form and CV. The required documents should be sent to [email protected] until 17:00, January 23rd, 2015.


Please visit for the application form.

For your questions please contact: [email protected]


Creative Action & Public Intervention Workshop takes place within the framework of the programme Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalisation Process funded by the European Union. 

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