European Union Initiative
“Cross-cultural Bridge between the Youth of Armenia and Turkey” Project
Armenia, Turkey |

Forum Theater NGO is implementing the “Cross-cultural Bridge between the Youth of Armenia and Turkey” project  under a grant scheme implemented  by the Eurasia Partnership Foundation within a Program “Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalization Process”.


The goal of the project is to bring together artists from Armenia and Turkey to discuss and share experience on current situation and relations between the two countries. By using art, the participants will present their opinion on solving prejudices between youngsters of Turkey-Armenia. Interactive theater method which is an efficient tool to promote civic education and civic engagement will be applied to reach the project goal.



The first meeting: workshop on interactive theater skills and methods on conflict resolutions was held in Yerevan from October 17-20, 2014 with the participation of artists from Armenia and Turkey. The workshop was led by the expert Jonathan Chadwick, Artistic Director of AZ Theatre from Great Britain.


Through theatrical exercises, discussions and storytelling, the participants tried to understand the Armenian-Turkish relation and present their personal opinions on possible ways of improving  the existing situation. Ideas, opinions, fears and concerns will be summarized and presented to the public through a performance.

Next stage of project implementation includes drafting and finalizing the scenario as well as recruiting professional artists operating in Istanbul. For more information on the recruitment, please, follow the linkDuring this phase a workshop will be held on March 21-25, 2015 in Istanbul followed with a performance on March 26. Young actors from Armenia and Turkey will arrive to Armenia and play the performance once more in Yerevan on March 27.

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