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Armenian Painter Delivers a Master Class in Istanbul
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The Istanbul phase of the Exchange of Painters Project involving 10 painters from Armenia and Turkey kicked off on September 29

On September 30th the mentor of the Armenian group, Gagik Charchyan will give a master class for the participating young painters and art students from Istanbul’s Universities. The Master Class will be held in DEPO.


Gagik Charchyan will present one phase of his creative activity, i.e. abstract painting. He will introduce his unique technique of using different materials and explain the reasons for their choice.


As part of the hands-on workshop, he will also present his figurative works and will try to show the linkages between these two different creative periods highlighting the similarities between his figurative and abstract works.


After the master class, the younger painters will get a chance to experiment with Gagik Charchyan’s technique and work together at DEPO.


During the Istanbul tour the young painters will be allowed time for outside sketching to reflect their impressions of Turkey’s capital. Under the guidance of their mentors Gagik Charchyan and Serdar Yılmaz, they will select the best location in one of Istanbul’s districts for their open air studio.


During the exchange visit to Istanbul the participant of the project will visit Istanbul’s historic districts, travel to Heibel island, where they will have a chance to sketch its fascinating scenes. Guided by Architect Elmon Hançer, they will get to know the architecture of Istanbul and the Armenian trace in the city. 


During their stay in Istanbul, the painters will have master classes with Gülçin Aksoy and Fırat Arapoğlu Turkish art expert and artist.


The first stage of the Exchange of Painters project was held in Armenia on September 1-7. During this week the project participants visited historic and cultural sites and museums, had master classes and made sketches at open air studios.

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