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HAH Literary Translators Workshop
Birgül Oğuz's 'HAH' is in Yerevan

The Armenian-language translation of Birgul Oguz’s novel “HAH” from Turkish into Eastern Armenian was published by Antares publishing house, and it is currently available in book stores in Armenia. On December 16-18, 2017, HCA-Armenia hosted Birgul Oguz and the engaged literary translators in Yerevan for a series of promotional events. 

Overcoming Borders Through Literature

A week-long literary seminar, titled “HAH,” took place in Dilijan’s Daravand resort. The seminar included vocational training courses, workshops and creative discussions for literary translators. 
Translators worked together with three experienced professionals who ran the seminar, as well as with contemporary Turkish author Birgul Oguz.



Translating Turkish prose into Armenian: another way of dialogue

Talk show with Aron Aji, Director of MFA in Literary Translation Program at the University of Iowa (USA) and the president of
the American Literary Translators Association (ALTA). The talk is about literary translation, the creativity of translation and its peculiarities, as well as Armenia-Turkey joint literary translation initiatives.

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Translating Turkish prose into Armenian: another way of dialogue