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Forum Theater presents the interactive performance of Bertolt Brecht’s “He Who Says Yes, He Who Says No”
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Interactive performances of Bertolt Brecht’s play “He Who Says Yes, He Who Says No” will be organised in Yerevan by Armenian actors. The performances will be played in a forum theatre format where the audience is active and has a role in changing, criticizing, and redefining the play.

Prior to the performances, the actors from Armenia and Turkey attended professional workshops in Yerevan in October 2014 and Istanbul in March 2015 on interactive theater skills and methods of conflict resolutions led by Jonathan Chadwick, Artistic Director of AZ Theatre from London.

The goal of the workshops was to trigger the process of change in identities and memories, and to lead the audience to humanization and emancipation.


On March 27 and March 30, the actors from Armenia and Turkey played 2 joint performances in Istanbul and Yerevan respectively. Currently, it is planned that both groups will continue on playing 4 performances separately in their hometowns in April 2015.


The workshops and performances are part of the project “Cross-cultural Bridge between the Youth of Armenia and Turkey” implemented by Forum Theater NGO in partnership with Ad.dar Center of Turkey within the framework of the programme “Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalisation Process” funded by the European Union.

The interactive performances will take place on April 3th, 4th, 10th, 11th at 19:00 in the Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art(NPAK) (1/3 P. Byuzand str.).
The entrance is free.
Forfurther information, please contact:
Forum Theater: +374 93 760 765
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