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Startup Weekend Participants Continue Developing Their Ideas
Armenia | Public Journalism Club, The Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey
The Startup Weekend will open officially on November 8, at 11:30 in Gyumri Technological Park.

The Rules of the Startup Weekend will be presented to the participants, after which they will start working on their ideas that were pre-selected the previous night. The teams will have around 24 hours to develop prototypes based on their ideas, which will then pitched (3-5 minutes for each pitch) to the jury on November 9.

During their time at Gyumri Technological Center the participants will also have an opportunity to have panel discussion and question and answer sessions  with the special guests of the Startup Weekend reputable representatives of the sector from Turkey and the U.S.


Startup Weekend is a competition that follows international standards, during which new products are created. The event allows participants share business ideas and establish long lasting contacts. The Startup Weekend will be held alongside the Hakathon{Yan}2014 and USAID supported Entrepreneurship Workshop. These three events have been combined under the common title of InnoWeekend

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