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Aravot: We should not owe to you
Says Turkish photo-journalist Aykut Güngör

“Earlier, when we were hearing bad news from Armenia, like, there is a war, a conflict, we could be sad and sorry. But now, if we hear something like that, with all due respect to Turkey, Azerbaijan and Russia, we would be worried about you: Hripsime, Anna, Mary and Sona. I would worry about what would happen to you,” says Turkish photojournalist Aykut Güngör in the conversation with “Aravot”.

We have met with him and had a two-week tour in October in financial support of the “Eurasia” Partnership Foundation and the European Union during the bus-tour organized for the Armenian and Turkish journalists and bloggers. The contact with Aykut was in few words and mostly with gestures, our communication language was English, which he was not fluent, but it was enough to know him.

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