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Architects and experts from Turkey and Armenia visited Mush to study Armenian cultural heritage
Turkey | Anadolu Kültür, Eurasia Partnership Foundation

A group of architects, restoration specialists, historians, ethnographers and art historians from Armenia and Turkey together with the Head of the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research (NIKU) visited Mush city and province to study Armenian cultural heritage and assess Armenian monuments.


The overall goal of the visit was to study Armenian monuments in the Eastern part of Turkey in joint endeavor and provide recommendations for further preservation and conservation.


Twelve experts spent six days from 20-25 October in Mush, Malazgirt, Varto, Norshen and other locations visiting around twenty Armenian monuments including monasteries, churches (both original and converted to mosques), castles, bridges, fountains, watermills and baths.


Basis for further collaboration was laid during the wrap-up meeting and discussion held in Istanbul on October 26 with participation of the experts who participated in the visit and representatives from Eurasia Partnership Foundation (Armenia), Anadolu Kültür (Turkey), Association for Protection of Cultural Heritage (Turkey) and Association of Armenian Architects and Engineers - HAYCAR (Turkey).


Report summarizing the results of study visit will be prepared by the support of the Norwegian Embassy in Ankara to be available for the public in the course of the next several months.


The study visit to Mush was organised by Eurasia Partnership Foundation in Armenia and Anadolu Kültür in Turkey within the framework of the Programme “Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalisation Process” implemented by a Consortium of eight civil society organisations from Armenia and Turkey with the financial assistance of the European Union under the Instrument for Stability.

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